Top 20 Richest Musicians In America And Their Net Worth

Top 20 Richest Musicians In America And Their Net Worth


The entertainment sphere makes the most talented and hardworking people rich and famous. It also gives them a chance to earn millions of dollars and become the wealthiest men and women in world music. We have created a selection of the top 20 richest musician in America now.

Who is the richest musician in America? Who are the other wealthy singers and artists? Let us look at the Forbes richest musicians in 2018.

Forbes started to count the net worth of famous hip hop musicians in 2011. And for the first time since that time, Jay-Z got the crown of not just the wealthiest hip-hop singer but also the richest musician in America in 2018.

According to, Jay-Z’s net worth is approximately 900 million U.S. dollars (as of 2018). It makes him the real king of hip-hop and music overall.

Who are other people from the top 20 richest musician in United State of America? What are their names?

Top 20 richest musicians in the United States of America

You already know who is the richest musician in America right now according to Forbes. Now let’s outline all other names from the top 20 wealthiest of world music in 2018.

1. Jay-Z – 900 million U.S. dollars

The husband of Beyonce, Jay-Z is currently number one. His net worth is considered to be the highest among all other musicians of different genres. The hip-hop artist makes his money not just by making music, recording songs, and performing on stage.

The richest musician in America Jay-Z has values of interest in D’Usse cognac, Roc Nation empire, Armand de Brignac and Tidal companies. The happy family life and success in business have earned Jay-Z 900 million USD (in 2018), as reported by Forbes.

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